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Garden-Based Learning  

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Gardener-in-Residence at Lapham

In past years, Lapham has been involved with Americorps' Rooted Program to have a Gardener-in-Residence. Do to changes over the past years, Abbey Sabatino has volunteered her time to run our Lapham Garden. Abbey is a Lapham-Marquette parent with an incredible talent for nurturing our garden as well as our students' love for exploration and the great outdoors.

Outdoor Classroom

What do kids learn in the Outdoor Classroom?

Watch this short video to learn more!

Want to help out with the Garden Classes?

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Our kids learn plant parts, harvesting and tasting fruits and veggies, math, land stewardship through
meaningful fitness, collaboration, teamwork, and self-efficacy.

Our garden is an outdoor classroom and community garden that strives to:


  • Encourage exercise and healthy eating through first-hand experience growing and tasting fruits and vegetables

  • Expose students to hands‐on environmental education opportunities including sustainable living and conservation techniques

  • Connect students to the natural world inspiring an appreciation, awe and respect for nature – and to have fun in the process!

  • Offer students experiential garden-based learning activities and encourage the integration of garden activities into classroom curriculum that supports Common Core State Standards wherever possible through our Gardener-in-Residence Program

  • Build community within our school by offering spring and fall community work days, picnics and potlucks; hosting special school events like open houses; inviting our after school program to utilize the garden; and giving Lapham-Marquette families priority in our "Adopt-the-Garden-for-a-Week" summer program

  • Build community beyond our school's walls by designing a garden that offers wheelchair and stroller accessibility; inviting summer school and scout programs to utilize the garden; inviting our neighbors to participate in our "Adopt-the-Garden-for-a-Week" summer program; growing food and donating it to neighborhood food pantries; and providing a relaxing, fun, educational garden for people of all ages and mobilities to enjoy!

Garden & Green Team


The Garden & Green Team meet approximately every one-two months to discuss Lapham's Outdoor Classroom & Community Garden programming. All Lapham families, staff and community members are welcome to attend. Meetings are announced through the Lapham Garden & Green Team Facebook PagePTG Facebook Page and the PTG Email List.


  • Continue to employ a Gardener-in-Residence to guarantee the sustainability of our program

  • Maintain classroom participation and provide teachers the support they need to lead classroom visits

  • Increase number of garden volunteers (school and community)

  • Increase number of Garden & Green Team Committee members


Get Involved


There are many ways to contribute, whether you have a few hours to spare or you would like to make a longer-term commitment:

  • Volunteer in the garden (especially during the summer) to help with planting, weeding, watering and harvesting

  • Lead, participate or donate to a garden fundraiser

  • Research, write and apply for grants

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