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Caregiver volunteers in a classroom

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. To find out how you can participate, watch for announcements in our schools' monthly newsletters (sent via email), through back pack mail flyers, and through the PTG Email List and PTG Facebook Group.

Opportunities include:​


  • To support all of these events and initiatives, our Parent Teacher Group relies on the generous donations from our community. We are a registered Non-Profit Group, and monetary donations are tax-deductible. Please use the link below to donate. All donations go directly to the support of our kids, teachers, staff, and schools.

  • Our kids, teachers, and staff benefit from school-supply donations. Please use the Amazon Wishlist links below to donate supplies directly to our schools!

Learn More

To learn more about our PTG, meetings, or events, please contact the appropriate person listed below:

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